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By Academic Dermatology
April 27, 2016
Category: Skin Care
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You don’t have to be known for your scar. Learn how with the help of your Edina dermatologist.

Big or small, scars can draw attention. You might worry your visible scar is the first or only thing people notice about you.  But with the scar removalhelp of your Edina, MD dermatologist, Dr. Whitney D. Tope at Academic Dermatology, you can make your scar a worry of the past.

Types of Scars
Whether from an accident, surgery or acne, scars form when multiple layers of the skin heal from an injury.  But different causes mean different scar types, including:

  • Burn scars—when a large section of skin is destroyed by a severe burn, the skin heals in a puckered way. The muscles and tendons under the skin may even be affected in this healing.
  • Keloid scars—these scars generally look like growths at the scar site and form when the skin produces too much collagen after the wound has healed.
  • Hypertrophic scars—these are also raised scars, but unlike keloids, they do not grow outside the boundaries of the original wound. However, their thick and raised texture can be unsightly and may restrict movement like burn scars.
  • Facial scars—these are often deemed unattractive just because they are on the face, like acne scars, but some can also affect the movement of facial muscles.

All of these different types of scars need different treatments, but it is important to remember none of them will go away completely. You can take measures to keep an injury from scaring while it’s healing, but a scar is permanent once it forms—it can only be made less visible or relocated.

How Your Scar May Be Removed
When you meet with your Edina dermatologist, he will examine your scar and decide on which treatment would be best. For scars where the skin has tightened, like with severe burns, the entire scar tissue may be removed. Dermabrasion and laser resurfacing can be used to remove the upper skin layers of a rough or elevated scar, making it smoother and less visible. Keloids and hypertrophic scars are often first shrunk with steroid injections and, if that alone is not satisfactory, then surgically removed.  Skin grafts or folding scar tissue under flaps of unscarred, adjacent skin are other options. For more visible scars, like those on the face, multiple procedures and treatments may be needed.

A painful injury doesn’t have to continue to haunt you through a scar. If you want to take your self-image and self-confidence back into your own hands, or if you just want to learn more, contact Academic Dermatology in Edina, MD. Call Dr. Whitney D. Tope at (952) 756-6090 today and to make your scar a thing of the past!

By Academic Dermatology
September 21, 2015
Category: Scars
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Scar RemovalLearn more about how your Edina dermatologist can reduce the look of unsightly scars.

While some people find scars to be a great conversation starter, for others their scars can feel unsightly and embarrassing. If you are looking for a way to reduce the appearance of your scar so it’s less noticeable to those around you then it’s time to talk to your Edina, MN dermatologist Dr. Whitney Tope about scar revision surgery.

Treating Your Scar

Different scars will often require different treatments. Once a scar forms it is permanent. Luckily, surgery and other treatments are available to reduce the scar’s appearance. Common scars that your Edina, MN dermatologist can treat include,

  • Burn scars
  • Keloid scars
  • Hypertrophic scars
  • Facial scars
During your consultation we will be sure to discuss your surgical options, the risks involved and the results you should expect. It’s important to have realistic expectations when it comes to your surgical treatment. Scars can never be completely removed but many cosmetic procedures can certainly go a long way to reducing the visibility of your scar.

Is scar treatment right for you?

The next thing to consider is whether scar surgery or treatment is ideal for you. The goal of treatment is to minimize your scar. Here are some important factors to discuss with your Edina dermatologist before deciding to get scar treatment:

  • Age
  • Skin type and color
  • Ethnicity
  • Your own healing rate
  • The type of scar you want to treat (scars will respond differently to certain surgical procedures)

Another important factor is whether the scar has come from an injury in which you are still healing. If this is the case, we will want to hold off on surgery until your body has fully healed from your injury.

Different Types of Scar Treatment

Here are some things to know about scar revision treatment:

  • Contracture scars (scars that have caused tightening of the skin like burn scars) usually require complete removal of scar tissue through surgical techniques.
  • Skin flaps made from healthy skin are then removed. If a skin flap is not possible then the next option is a skin graft, in which we take a section of skin from one area and attach it over the scarred skin.
  • Z-plasty may also be advised. This procedure requires us to move the scar to another less visible area like a natural fold in the skin. While this technique will not completely remove the scar it makes it significantly less visible.

Want to find out if your scar can be treated with this cosmetic procedure? Then it’s time you scheduled an appointment with your Edina dermatologist. Let Academic Dermatology make you feel more comfortable and confident in your own skin.